6 min video with norelite

To get a quick start with norelite I’ve made a short video that explains the core components and how to quickly design the flows required to implement 3 rules that will turn on/off a switch if:

  1. It is dark outside and it is before 23:00
  2. It is dark outside and I’m watching the TV – It might be that I’m watching the TV after 23:00 and I also want the lamp to be on 15 mins after I’ve turned off the TV
  3. It is dark outside and there is movement in the house – I.e. getting the input from a PIR detector and whenever it triggers and it is dark outside the lamp will turn on for 5 mins. E.g. if I wake up during the night and want to go and get a glass of water…

If any of the above rules are true, the lamp will be on and if not it will turn it off.