Custom Plex DVR setup with Dreambox DM500HD

Ok, I love my Plex server. I’ve been using it almost daily since 2012. But there’s been one feature missing since I turned off my Windows Media Center server many years ago and that has been to subscribe and record shows that I follow. And when the Plex team announced DVR support in Plex I’ve been meaning to look into it.
As I’m using a satellite dish to get my channels I looked for an alternative way from the official supported devices and stumbled upon a Dreambox thread in one of the forums. Here is what I’ve done if it happens to be of interest to someone else.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 22.03.03-min

  1. I bought a Dreambox 500HD S2 (satellite tuner) on eBay
  2. As it had the original firmware on it, I first needed to flash it with the “second stage loader” in order to be able to add a custom image on it. It is described at the bottom of this page:
  3. I needed to find a firmware that supported softcams as well as it supported the PlexDVR API and after a lot of Googling I found out that OpenATV should work great
  4. I downloaded and flashed OpenATV v6.1 from this site:
  5. Next step was to enable softcams and after many tries and reflashes, I managed to fine a way for it
    1. Download softcam-feed-universal_2.0_all.ipk
    2. Use FTP to upload it to /tmp (see note below – I’ve been using DCC)
    3. Do NOT use the automated install through the Plugin Manager – Open a Terminal window (DCC)
    4. Run the command: “opkg install /tmp/softcam-feed-universal_2.0_all.ipk”
    5. Now, press the blue remote button and navigate to install plugins and softcams should be listed as an option. If it doesn’t exit all the menus and try again.
  6. I installed CCcam 2.3 and started the softcam under the Softcam Panel
    Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 23.04.39
  7. Using FTP goto /usr/keys to find a template to be used for the softcam. Modify it according to your specs and save it as CCcam.cfg in the same directory. I also updated the attributes to 755 (I don’t know if that is required)
  8. NOW – it is time to install the PlexDVR API plugin. Note that the plugin has recently been renamed to HR-Tuner Proxy
  9. Post installation follow the guide as described here:
    Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 23.22.34
  10. It works great for recording shows or movies and the new content will be stored into my existing libraries. LiveTV is not working perfectly – sometimes it works and some times not – but recording of shows has not failed once.

Other information:

  • I’ve been using Dreambox Control Center for Enigma2 (DCC) to upload and run commands on my Dreambox device:
  • Post setup I had issues with teletext flashing when watching LiveTV through Plex. This was easily resolved by changing the Plex server default subtitles settings from “Always on” to “Manual”


  • I’m still struggling with getting the correct DVB substream with the correct subtitles saved in the file when doing a recording. Really annoying.