Stitching an Dji Spark sphere and fix it for use in Facebook or Google Photos

Ok, a ton of guides already exists and I do not plan to do another one but I want to leave you with my experiences as I do not want to use the Dji Go 4 app for stitching the sphere – I work with the SD full image files.

The tool that I use for stitching is Hugin which is open source. I bet there are easier and better alternatives but as I just do it more for fun I won’t pay a $100 for a license. Hugin can be downloaded here and is available for many operating systems.

This is the guide that I used to familiarize myself  with the Hugin software

  1. I did not create a Stereographic projection but I used an Equirectangular output from Hugin
  2. I exported it as an JPG file
  3. Post export I imported it into GIMP to make sure that it follows the required 2:1 dimension and consequently resized the canvas by modifying the height to be half the width.  Expand at the top of the image
  4. Use an EXIF editor to modify the adjusted JPG. I’m using an online editor to do this
  5. Make sure that the following values are adjusted
    1. CroppedAreaImageHeightPixels = new full height
    2. CroppedAreaImageWidthPixels = new full width
    3. CroppedAreaLeftPixels = 0
    4. CroppedAreaTopPixels = 0
    5. FullPanoHeightPixels = new full height
    6. FullPanoWidthPixels = new full width
    7. ProjectionType = equirectangular
    8. UsePanoramaViewer = true

Now you are done and ready to upload it to Facebook or Google Photos to be shared with your friends.

Note: I had some challenges to update the fields in the EXIF online tool but it worked if I first cleared the file of the EXIF metadata prior to inputing the new values.

I’m showing an example in the post below. Click image to view it in full screen.